I believe that bringing the right amount of people together with some of the greatest minds will help us push forwards together. We can work smarter, with more knowledge and this will empower us to solve the right problems for the people that need it the most.

5 years ago, I started running conferences, conferences that I wanted to be different. Not through making sure the event had the biggest party or the most cake, but a conference with the right content.

The content needed to be current, not a month or two late. It needed to push our thinking, push our skills and move us on to better ways of working.

The content and variation of speakers has been Industry’s largest achievement, it’s the one thing that gets the most positive feedback which means I’m headed in the right direction.

My aim is to guide Industry on its journey to become one of the most recognised events for the sharing of practical knowledge. A place where our peers come to learn and share their own ideas and experiences.

Success for Industry is measured by your feedback. I believe in our Industry and I believe in you.

As long as you, my peer, are getting something out of it then it will continue.

- Gavin