Industry ran for four years, from 2012 to 2016. It brought speakers from around the globe to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, to provide practical learning on various topics from our industry.

Gavin Elliott, a Design Leader from the UK, organised the event. He purposefully crafted Industry around curated content and varied speakers, many of whom may not have been heard from before.

The conference became where peers would come to learn and share their ideas and experiences, giving back to the rest of the industry.


Gavin Elliott, Organiser of Industry Conf

04 //

Industry returned in April 2016 for its fourth and final instalment. Rian van der Merwe, Caroline Jarrett, Beth Dean, Jonah Jones, Wes Bos, Stephanie Rewis and Jennifer Brook joined us.

The conference was packed with valuable content and techniques covering everything from design to front-end web development from people who work at companies/organisations like the UK Government Digital Service, Facebook, Salesforce and more. VIDEO COMING SOON   ➞

Brynn Evans from Google speaking at Industry Conf 2015

03 //

Industry returned in April 2015 for its third instalment. Joining us were speakers Brynn Evans, Tim Brown, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Emma Boulton, Joe Leech, Monika Piotrowicz, Jessica Harllee and Tobias Baldauf.

We covered user research, user experience, product design, front-end development, typography and more. Most importantly, we learned about user research and UX processes which we could immediately use in our work. Additionally, we learned a lot about experimentation in product design, embracing chaos in content strategy and how to practice typography. WATCH VIDEO   ➞

Everything that Industry does is due to the unwavering support of its many friends who are recognisable names in our Industry.

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The second Industry took place in April 2014. Joining us were speakers Rian van der Merwe, Timoni West, John Allsopp, Sarah Sampsel, Harry Roberts, Lara Hogan, Greg Hoy and Paull Young.

We covered topics like customer journey mapping, psychology, web editorial design, web performance, changing the world through digital innovation and more. We discussed the plethora of CSS Frameworks and listened to Grey Hoy's story of "Work is the Magic Bullet". WATCH VIDEO   ➞

Tim Brown from Adobe Typekit speaking at Industry Conf 2015

01 //

The inaugural Industry took place in April 2013. Joining us were speakers Jeremy Keith, Rasika Krishna, Noah Stokes, Christopher Murphy, Josh Brewer, Rachel Andrews, Ashley Baxter and Harry Roberts.

We covered topics like cross-cultural user experience design, the whole product redesign process and architecting scalable CSS. We also learned about shaking up entire industries with technology and how we can navigate our own lives through this industry. WATCH VIDEO   ➞