tl;dr: Don't be a jerk, you're better than that.

Industry is dedicated to providing an open learning environment for all. By its own nature, Industry is an intimate event where everyone can get together and learn from one another.

We as an industry should be open and accepting to all, helping and giving back where we can.

All kinds of harassment, abuse and unwarranted behaviour to anyone is unacceptable and there will be no first warning. The conference organiser will take any action appropriate including the expulsion from the event venues with no refund.

If any person attending the event requires assistance of any kind, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of staff immediately. Conference staff can be identified by their lanyards and/or t-shirts and can help you feel safe during the event by assisting in the provision of escorts around venues and from venue to venue. Alternatively speak directly to Gavin or one of the team on the front desk.

Industry staff will be happy to assist so that you feel safe for the duration of the event.